Cooking and life

Cooking is one of the things that it is more exciting and enjoyable. Cooking is like an art, and it requires some skills and some inspiration from the realms that is unexplainable for one to execute the task. The job can be performed from anywhere as long as you have the tools needed and the materials. Cooking involves ultimate exposure to our environment since most of the ingredients are found in nature. Nature is the mother of everything, having a restaurant at the riverboat is a way of accepting the diverseness of life and its abundance. Being a committed owner of the riverboat restaurant one needs to work out the day to day activities in a planned manner; one needs to focus on the contacts and the recipe for all of the customers.
As a cook at the riverboat restaurant, my day to day life involves a lot of hospitality work, talking to clients and friends, researching new recipes and giving orders and rearranging some junior employees. My day usually starts at 5.00 Am where I drive to my workplace. Together with other colleges we say a word of prayer and motivate one another for the day. Then we start preparing for the days recipe of the day. The motivation behind each day to day recipe comes from the previous day analysis of the sale and request from the customers. Handling of the customers is one of the most tiresome works since different customers do have different levels of satisfaction. Others tend to be more commanding while others humble and even if they are not satisfied they make humble suggestions while others rude one. It is the part that is more challenging. So to handle the high level of understandings need to be implemented in the dialogue so as not to offend them.

The work as a cook involves cooking of different recipes to fit in the market and satisfy customers. The simple methods are barbecued ribs, chicken, catfish, shrimp, crabs legs, lobsters, mudfish and tilapia. For the platters, we serve steaks, crabby cakes, salmons and salads for those who are wimpy eaters. For lunch, recipes include sandwiches, salads, and a couple of good Mexican, Italian, and Asians traditional foods. On making contacts with our guests, the waiting staff is composed, and they are of design in their interactions. There are seventy-four kinds of beer that we serve our users with whenever they make orders or requests. Our guests are given a chance to seat at the age of the hotel so that they enjoy the exceptional vision of the waters since there is patio seating.
To summarize all about my work as cook revolves around customers and meeting of their needs through cooking. As a cook, my workmates and I do enjoy the nature of our jobs because it exposes us to new challenges, opportunities, and people. A person is people, and serving is the primary purpose of my delegation. Proper time management is something I employ since I work form Sunday to Thursday the remaining time is for my family.